Student Vox


Did you hear about the new killings? The new protests? Increasing corporate greed? How about the increasing number of new cases of COVID19 and the incompetence of the officials in dealing with it? Well, how about the forest fires? The impending extinction of primates? The camouflaged genocides? The performative activism?

/ 3 August 2020

There are a lot of things going on. Changes. Feats. Turmoil. Eyes that have always been open, eyes that are always seeing but through an oppression-censored screen, they have undergone awakening. Something inside was clicked and triggered. The little voice whispering was suddenly augmented. It screams so loud it births tears, indignant about temporal and spiritual matters. Asking, why only now? What took you so long to realize they are bad? That these things are wrong? Why are you only speaking now when things are already going worse?

The voice is frustrated. Seething. All these things could have possibly been abated, avoided, if only you have listened. But the voice too, blamed itself for not being assertive enough, for waiting for all this quagmire to happen before it ticked.

However, the dilemma does not lie with your ignorance and your lack of action although it’s undeniably relative to it. The true dilemma lies in this: our race towards the salvation of humanity. How can we, as the most intelligent animal on Earth, save us from this savagery created by, well, the same species? How can we go out this rabbit hole we dig ourselves? You might say you have nothing to do with this and you’re just living in your own peaceful life plus points if you don’t like being informed about the news, drinking your everyday coffee, and listening to the birds chirping in the garden. But that’s exactly the problem. You let all these things happen.

Imagine if there’s only one person needed to stop the killing of your loved one, so you call everyone desperately for help. You did everything you could, utilizing every means. But they were all too busy living their own peaceful life, drinking their Americano, and listening to the House sparrows that they missed the chance to stop it. Whether they intentionally ignored or accidentally missed it, is not significant- your loved one is dead. There is only one person needed, more than seven billion people are breathing in this world, and you did everything you could, but now your loved one is dead. If you still don’t get it, make your loved one your precious pet. See? Your ignorance and lack of action are relative to the fall of humanity.

So, what do I want you to do now? It’s simple: be mindful and voice out, fervently. Keep on feeding information about what’s happening around the world. Not only in the things that affect you. View the world as one; what affects them, will soon affect you and vice versa. Use your critical thinking along with your empathy and voice your opinions against the wrong, be vile in dealing with oppression, passionately support for the greater cause, promote the common good, share only the facts, and never ever, bend the truth. And that’s how we start to solve the true dilemma. That’s how we prevent the death of humanity in the hands of vicious animals within our very own kind.

Here’s a thread of petitions where you can participate: Click here