Letters of Youth


/ 9 January 2023

It’s exactly 4 am of a public holiday when I woke up
Became stupefied until my mind jazzed up
As I could no longer sleep but rather ruminate
With matters that I and qu’elle avait

Why do I feel like I’ve lost something
With the aveux that’s worth conceding
Had I responded the right way
Or did I just make it fiddly

My wonders continue with the many ‘what ifs’
Further surmising this isn’t right for a holiday’s gift
It entails lot of questions I failed to ask
As and and the peur of another persona to unmask

Was I just scared of the possible changes in there
Or to abstaining what I avait coutume de la faire?
Had we made things clear?
Or did we just make it severe?

But ‘twas unexpected, unintended, and unplanned
Such affection we’ve got no control and command
Started with solicitude and grown to something more
Which we never reckoned turned mutual and bizarre

I even asked myself if it was a misdeed
As I had engaged to a lassie who’s committed
Fond of someone whom I’m scared to lose
Fond of someone who’s one of the bezzie

Come what may as they say
So I’ll just go with the flow as of today
But I honestly hope for friendship to stay
With that, may everyone enjoy the holiday!

4:00 AM 30/12/2022