Letters of Youth


/ 5 July 2021

Misandry and misogyny are both recognized as hate crimes. Although despite the fact that these two sexist proclaims have affected and oppressed numerous individuals, misandry is still, and will always be unequal to misogyny.

To start with, we live in a society ruled by men. We’ve lived in generations where the majority of men managed and controlled the world. Men who are on top of society, with all the privileges women have never experienced. And yet, up till now, men still use their power to belittle women. To put women under their power. And this is where misandry comes in. Misogyny is the reason misandry still exists, at this very exact moment.

I do not advocate hating men or anyone based on their gender but comparing misogyny and misandry is intolerable. Misogyny frightens women. Misandry does not frighten men. Misogyny restricts opportunities for women. Misandry does not do this. Misogyny controls women’s freedom. Misandry does not do this to men. Owing to the fact that misogyny is a form of oppression, while misandry is a response to that oppression.