Letters of Youth


/ 21 October 2020

Current living styles often demand more time just to deal with a busy schedule that sacrifices the importance of family bonding. Such busyness that arises tends to lessen the quality time needed to secure a sense of belongingness. Even though a family lives on the same roof, that doesn’t mean they feel at home together.

A philosophy of family-centered care must be present in every household to avoid the chance of distant acts that lead to connection loss, lack of support, or worse, provoking disrespectful manners.

A husband and wife collaboration needs to be properly executed to handle the family and to avoid superiority in the relationship.

In most cases, the mother acts like a weighing scale to assess the mood of the family members. Which also exerts effort to look over her husband’s needs while taking care of the kids.

This habit can be effective but the assurance that a mother lifts the weight at home smoothly is a whole different thing. That is why both parties should give time to know what kind of kids are they raising, that reflect on the type of parenting.


Excessive use of technology can affect your behavior that if not properly handled, might cause misunderstandings. Considering the new normal kind of living now, wherein everyone shifted to online transactions and communications, it might limit the bonding time if everyone is dealing with a deadline needed to be accomplished. Shifting to this kind of work scenario is not that easy to handle by all ages. That is why a lot of effort is exerted to adapt flexibly.

For parents with several children, try to ensure that each child receives undivided attention no matter how busy you are. Invest POSITIVE ATTENTION each day to save you from disciplining when it’s too late.

For the children, it is most likely that the eldest has the control to guide over his siblings, which gives him great responsibility. And if the positive attention from the parents were not effective, that eldest takes over and explains everything.

The same goes for a small family. But it differs in the way the parents manage their children or child. This time, positive attention becomes a problem for it causes pressure to the child to meet various expectations set to abide. And in some cases, workaholic parents tend to focus on the family’s future and use material gifts as a sign of care. Sadly, the message given builds a barrier to how love and care must be given.

Material things excite for a short time but nothing compares to the memories you create, reminisce, and later on talk about.

Flourish small gestures as signs of love and care, physical touch, kind words, efforts, and more. Learn how to be vulnerable and authentic around your loved ones to strengthen your relationship.

A simple smile and thank you fill the gap of confusion and signifies appreciation.

Undivided feelings are the very strong ones for this are not mixed with other feelings. It is impossible to attain a perfect family picture without a mix of conflicts and gratefulness. The story shifts once the regular quality time is established to ease the flow of love at home that merely focuses on the health and safety of the whole family.