Letters of Youth


/ 6 February 2023

Staring at the messy room thy wild hands made
The mind’s out there getting swayed
As the tears from both eyes race with each other,
The chest tightens unabated further

She continues to play with everything she sees
Including the blade, scissors, and keys
She then picks the keys and locks herself
In her room, in the closet then in the shelf

She then thought again why everything happened
Seems like in a blink she can’t imagined
She used to handle every single thing
But why is now, it’s too hard to cling

Filled with thoughts and failed expectations
She wants to shout with exclamations
But not wanting to disturb ingeniously
She grabs the shiv recklessly

With all the pain she’s enduring
She felt nothing even if the blood’s dripping
She continues to put cuts in her femur
And amazed by how her blood drops to the floor

Tiredness attacks her as she sat on the floor
Still her tears endlessly pour
As she plans to deep-cut her wrist for the ending
She then feels dizzy, weak, and her blood’s losing

Then a love one’s on the phone ringing
She answered but words from her mouth isn’t coming
She clicks something that ends the call
This time she knows, there’s no hope at all

With many blood she’s losing, she ask herself
Is this the end or I’m finally freeing myself
Weakening and can’t move, she lay down all alone
As her eyes slowly closes down

9:11 PM 05/01/2023