Letters of Youth


/ 8 August 2020

The princess in the castle:
Deprived of the crust, husk and all the outer
Confined in a little crown;
Dancing with a huge petticoat of suppression;
Eating a piece of cake, in a plate of title


The princess in the castle:
Whose bed is much secured with a fine net
Yet sleeps underneath,
Hundreds of foams of social constructions
One is femininity,
Two is virginity,
Three is genderization
Four to hundred should be –
All the fads in society


The princess in the castle:
When the moment she walked her first steps,
She was coerced to chin up.
She has been training,
A quarter of her life-
To be a perfect wife,
To the golden prince, she’ll dance at night


The princess in the castle:
A future queen,
A small beer to the King;
She only has a bejeweled chair,
But not a throne,
Not a clincher,
Nor a manly power


On an ideal monarchic rule,
The princess who became a queen
Is just an out of order comfort room


A paradoxical majesty,
A fertile spouse
And a bearer of an heir.


In the game of chess,
The queen has more freedom,
Hence the most powerful piece
But why is that-
When you lose the king,
You’ll lose the game?


On the size of mattresses,
The size of a queen is colossal
Until the bed of a king was designed-
And people started to favor its bed,
Not because it’s more colossal,
But because its name is King-


Behind our fantasies of princesses-
Like Ariel from the sea,
Who walked on land for a man;
Or Belle who loved a once monstrous beast;
Is the romanticization-
That women’s love is a craft of sacrifice,
Craft of nerves of adjusting
Craft of transforming a boy to man


Behind our fantasies of Queens-
Like Snow White’s devilish dark witch,
Or Cinderella’s money-grabbing pig,
Is a reality of demonizing step-mothers,
But indebting the step-fathers?


Behind our fantasies of princesses and Queens-
Like Cinderella versus her step-sisters;
Snow White versus the witch;
Or the battle of Ariel and Ursula;
Is a hidden battle of internalized misogyny-
The unofficial pageantry,
A sham contest in the thread mill,
A quiz about adjectives-
Simple, comparative, and superlative


Behind our fantasies of princesses and Queens,
Is a drunk society on the rotten misogyny,
Bloated on the immense bites of sexism
Thus behold, the birth of women’s cholera:
The dehydration of gender equality,
The snail’s pace death of feminism,
The watery feces –
Of women seen as objects for someone’s materialism;
Of women viewed as tools for reformation and detours
Of women only seen as fertile wife and mothers;
Of women trapped in the soul of repression;
Of feministic women accused of misandry;
And, of women dancing with heels of prejudices…