Letters of Youth


/ 18 December 2020


Day of their arrival

Little monsters come

Grab me a part from my comfort


Grab them

Grab them immediately

Grab them now

Grab them as fast as you can



Day for yourself, perhaps

Fighting thorough

Knowledge borrow


Fight them

Fight them immediately

Fight them now

Fight them as fast as you can



Day of their second wave

Pushing it for another push

Kicking it for another kick


Kick them

Kick them immediately

Kick them now

Kick them as fast as you can



No time for your thirst

No time for thinking twice

Get rid that selfish self


Get rid of them

Get rid of them immediately

Get rid of them now

Get rid of them as fast as you can



From butter melting into oil

Fried every pride

Kill all the tries


Kill them

Kill them immediately

Kill them now

Kill them as fast as you can



Yes for their technical

Sorry for what is actual

Lie as if you’re done


Sorry for them

Sorry for them immediately

Sorry for them now

Sorry for them as fast as you can



Last day to fight them

Last day bearing the system

Day for yourself turns broken


Break them

Break them immediately

Break them now

Break them or at least survive