Letters of Youth


/ 8 October 2020

Today, most students’ significant problem is not about the lack of school armchair, crowded classrooms, the distance of the school, peer pressure, or the loss of their favorite pencils. The pandemic has cut these problems out to occur an unexpected challenge for students- the absence of digital connections.

One of the alternatives to comply with the e-learning is to buy load and use mobile data instead! Sounds easy, but not if it expires. In this article, I list tips to make the best out of your mobile data. So read this before your data finally wipes away.

Tip #1: Know the description of your promo.

Don’t just register a promo without thinking about it twice. For example, is this promo offers internet surfing to sites I am going to use during our lectures frequently? Would it be enough to cover the days I am going to use the internet the most? Is it more optimal to extend this promo later? Does it provide perks that are favorable to my studies?

Don’t just choose whatever promo that contains bulk GB to the sites that prioritize mobile gaming and social media usage. It is time-consuming, and it will also tilt your head to no more extended study.

Tip #2: Register your prepaid load on the right day and time.

One of the factors you have to consider before registering your mobile load is the day and the time when. For example, if you register for a promo with a limited time offer, make sure that it’ll be covering the days you need the internet the most. And for students, it is better to register it during school days so that you will not be forced to load twice only because you still need to upload your one assignment at midnight.

When the internet is fast, you may also consider the time you sure are capable of maximizing your net to prevent wasted mobile data. But I suggest not registering during the night time; it’ll be just wasted as you sleep! However, if you think that it is far better to register a promo during the night, then be it. The important thing is to maximize your load after all.

Also, remember to register a promo that you think is not excessive and not insufficient.

Tip #3: Allocate your remaining data wisely.

After you register, it is then wise to compute for you to allocate the data available according to what’s more urgent and important. You may set aside using social media sites and watching Netflix until you’re done to your school works. Prioritize your data allocation to the files you need to send, media you need to download, and conferences you need to attend. After these things, you are entirely free to do whatever you want to do on your internet.

Tip #4: Avoid sites that consume extravagant MBs.

Sites that feature streaming and downloading are examples of websites with highly consumable mobile data. Restrict yourself from surfing there before you get yourself an unwanted message telling you that you have already consumed your remaining data.

Another thing is the sites that are unprotected. These systems eat a lot of data. I am not yet sure about these sites but always research these things to prevent the loss of grip on the internet.

Tip #5: Maximize your data before expiry.

Now, if you are sure that you have already complied with all the requirements and finished all your assignments, you can finally sit back and relax to maximize your data! After the conservative attitude towards your data, this time allows you to use your internet as long as you want! Play your games, stream on your favorite videos, scroll down Facebook, upload your selfie on Instagram, or even shoot a video for a Tiktok challenge.

Do it all you can because you deserve this entertainment at the end of the day.

In these trying times, what students need is to be resourceful, determined, and, most importantly, be wise. Students, I know, are smart and goal-oriented, nothing can stop them from learning, not even the pandemic. With these tips I list on I hope that you benefit from it.