Letters of Youth


/ 11 February 2022

With the sun that shines so bright
It implies that summer’s on the light
Rivers having a beautiful sight
Making swimmers excited with delight

Yet after summer comes the fall
Autumn, which sometimes we call
Where leaves on trees were no longer tall
As on the ground is where they crawl

Following autumn is the winter
Which coldness is like a hunter
Attacking internal with a quiver
Making the body totally shiver

After the winter is the happy spring
Making things beautiful to cling
Just making us realize again
Those great things come after then

Such four seasons are like healing
In the process, it takes time dealing
From jolly feeling that’s falling
To the problems that seem rising

Then comes coldness of emotions
Like a winter with commotions
But then, like the seasons that swings
Here comes the spring, with the hope it brings

Like how the trees that blossom
In the spring, it’s awesome
Just like after cold and in pain
We can flourish and rise again.