Letters of Youth


/ 14 January 2022

How long has it been since I had last seen you?
That face of yours that has been carved by the God Himself,
With complete detail, time, and patience
Those black silky hair of yours that I would spend my hand running through,
Now all shriveled up by the ruckus you’ve caused,
Those shimmering eyes of yours that would always find their way to lure me into you
Now pitch black that held nothing but a single flame

Why didn’t I notice before?
Why, why, why
Why didn’t I notice the fading heat in your arms every time you held me?
Why, why, why
Why didn’t I stare at your eyes a little longer?
Maybe there, I could’ve seen how close you were to the edge
Why, why, why
Oh dear God, please tell me why

I have a lot of questions,
Questions that have answers that could either build me,
Or destroy me,
But, hey
Didn’t they say ignorance is bliss?
Shall I keep on looking for answers or leave it be like it has always been?
Pretending as if you’re still right here beside me,
And not in the center of the world,
Watching it slowly burn
Are you happy? Are you feeling as if you’re experiencing the climax itself of a movie?
Feeling it with every inch of your body

Was there something I could have said to make you change your mind?
Or had the idea been set on the stone,
Even before I allowed us to be one?
Surely that the answer for this would be my breaking point,
Nonetheless, I would rather feel all the misery,
Than once again, be fed with all those lies
Staring at you, waiting to utter the answer that I already knew
It was as if time was running out,
Or was it just the need for rest and wanting to feel your warmth anew?

Body aching to just close its eyes and rest
But there was still that hope igniting that I would hear your voice,
Before the Gods above us pull us apart
Was I waiting for nothing?
At least tell me that you’ve felt this heat in your chest,
Even once when I was with you
The wind blew a small yes
That was all it took for my body,
To give a small grin and rest for eternity
I still had questions that I think is better to leave unanswered
To finally rest myself, within the bliss