Letters of Youth


/ 26 October 2020

Months of being on lockdown during a health crisis push up the risk of having mental health issues in the country. Some people became Plantitos and Plantitas in a snap of a finger, while some became baristas of their own home. But the top coping mechanism that is seen on social media sites during this pandemic are memes.

Netizens did everything to keep them sane through the current setup, but these dank memes that are circulating on social media became one of the best factors that help a lot of people to cope up with stress, as well as loneliness and depression.

The generic phenomenon “laughter is the best medicine” remains on point with these relatable yet funny memes. Memes became those real-life friends who always make the people around them laugh and it is evidently loved by everybody. According to an article published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, when humor is approached as a coping mechanism and strategy for relieving stress, it becomes a very potent medicine in relieving tension.

The laughter caused by these memes is giving the people experiencing mental health issues their happy pill that comes with endorphins and dopamine which triggers our brain to create euphoria and can relieve pain.

Have you made a special folder for your favorite local and international memes? Share it with us, we would love to laugh with you.