Letters of Youth


/ 20 December 2021

Nothing is too small to not affect you; everything is linked together.

Every decision is important; whether it is big or small, each is a building block of our future. We are the navigators of our lives; it is up to us which road to go. However, we must remember that changing our paths may speed up or slow down our journey.

“Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with,” said Brian Tracy. Forming good habits is essential and is a good thing to do especially when we are still young. Though it may need lots of self-discipline and control, it is promised to be worth it.

The fact that habits are a part of our lives, no matter whether they are influenced or not, is one of the reasons that we live the type of life we have right now. Having good habits immensely affects us for it is one of the keys to achieving our goals. In addition, it helps us to deal more efficiently with the burdens of stress and pressure.

You might have heard somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. But what James Clear actually said is it takes a “minimum” of about 21 days for someone to adjust to a new situation. But regardless of this as being true or not, it is definitely hard to form a new good habit. It requires plenty of effort and time, for there’s no such thing that comes instantly. With enough practice and determination, changing for the better would not be as hard as we thought it was.

Experts say that tying a new habit to an existing one is the best way to form it (Parker-Pope, 2020). Sometimes, we tend to forget the simple tasks. But just like our belongings, it would be better if we’re going to bring them all together until it intertwines with our daily routine.

Some day in the future, we will regret one or a few things that we did today. So let us find the hammer and chisel of knowledge that will sculpt our behaviors into a shape that can stand still in the crowd of problems. The chisel chopping every single chunk of a masterpiece resembles our habits. It might be small yet it can bring a massive impact on how people will see us and most importantly, how we would regard ourselves.

Jimmy Johnson said, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” By exerting extra efforts, we can transform to the better, if not the best, version of ourselves.

Invest in yourself, the only person you can rely forever on is you.  So, what choice have you made today?