Letters of Youth


/ 6 October 2021

We start with a pen and a paper or maybe, with our phone and our fingers that type in words to form a sentence that will, later on, become paragraphs that have a message to tell. Writing is such a beautiful way of expressing oneself and communicating with people. It proves that our words can be a powerful weapon towards sharing the news and truth with others.

Student journalists play a vital role not just in their school, but also in our society and the community. They are usually the eye-opener to various social issues and most importantly, they show that the voices of the youth can also be heard and are visible to the rest of the world. When journalism is discussed, people often have a misconception that it is just about writing and nothing else. But to us student-journalists, journalism is our burning passion. It is one of the reasons why we try to continue our everyday life. A reason why we keep going is that it serves as our purpose. However, we also have our own stories to tell and the reason behind why we do, what we do. Of course, we may have a common ground for this, but we also have our personal goals towards this journey.

As for me, writing started as a peculiar hobby. At an early age, I was also a newbie on the stage of finding something I like. I engaged myself in various journalism seminars and training, but my presence there was not because I wanted it. It was because I was lost. I was a little girl who often asked herself these questions: “If they’re good at dancing, what am I destined for?” or “Will I ever find something I could be passionate about?”.

Amid the dark tunnel of confusion, I saw the light of hope. For some, their light is someone who was constantly there for them, or maybe, a sign they consider that came from God, or a sudden realization in that exact moment. But like I said, we have our own stories, and journalism played a significant role, that it owned almost half of my life’s book. Above anything else, journalism was my light of hope.

As cliche as it may sound, it was a hobby turned into a passion. My life was no longer just about me. This time, I was a medium and a channel to share the stories of others and what they’re going through because of life’s ups and downs. Each of us has experienced something worth telling and it is such a fulfilling feeling when we get to inspire and educate others about the many aspects of life. This way, we show that we may not be able to control what’s ahead of them but at least, they’ll know what to do.

Journalism is not just about writing, it is about the reality and how the words of a journalist create either chaos or order. Thus, we hold a big responsibility on our shoulders and it is in the matter of our hands to decide whether we give news with honesty or not. As journalists, we should be truthful because we work for the people and the truth is what they deserve.

As early as now, seek your purpose and prosper through it. Then, once you discover it, face yourself in front of the mirror and ask: “Will I be happy in this position after many years from now because I love what I do?”. If your answer is “yes”, then it’s worth the risk.

My passion started with a pen and a paper. Now, it’s time for you to discover how yours will begin to partake.