Letters of Youth


/ 12 January 2022

Here comes another year again. Another year of laughter, pain, understanding, and untold stories to begin with. The year 2021 brought me lots of pain and I’m starting 2022 with no idea what I will do now. If I ask you today, what is your plan?

Pandemic is still here and another variant came alive up to this day. People are still grieving about yesterday. And some will advise you to make a new year’s resolution. Well, for me it is about each and everyone’s experiences. People’s lives are different and others’ resolution might be a trauma to others. 

After the holiday season, it might be considered a tradition to have the plan to work out, diet, and try to be productive hoping that they will be what they are doing when the year started. My take is that each person does not have to improve themselves. You might question me, why? You do not have to improve for other people just for you to fit into their world. If they are upgrading their plans, trying to be productive, some might expand their businesses and the like, you do not have to pressure yourself just because you are not like them. For me, we have our own pace and one should not have to improve themselves just because they are jealous of others. If you do not feel like working out, do not even try it just for the sake of pressure. If you have no budget to upgrade your phone, do not buy one. Life can be wonderful but it is not as simple the way I explained it to be. Peer pressure will always be present but life goes on even if you are with them.

New Year’s resolution sounds cliche because it forces you to improve yourself. You do not have to improve yourself just because society tells you to do so. If they have plans for their future, let them have one. And if you do not have one yet, it is okay to explore and learn yourself more. Exploring and learning your capabilities are much better than having resolutions as a phase where you are held by imagination and pressure. I need to reiterate this, you fit in our society whether you will improve or not.

Life is challenging because of the silent whispers this society tells you. But people just have to realize that they have different lives and different paths in life. Learning and exploring might be better than just improving without self-realization about what you really like. Lastly, it is okay to fail, you just have to stand again and explore what you want again.