Letters of Youth


/ 30 June 2021

“‘Ma, Pa, I’m sorry that I turned out to be a man instead of a woman.’, ‘Mom, I’m sorry because I’m gay.’, ‘Dad, forgive me because I fell in love with a person who is of the same sex as me.’”

Why do we have to apologize because of who we are?

As the Pride Month comes to an end, this does not mean that we should go back to the way we usually criticize individuals who identify themselves as part of the LGBT that is now widely known as the LGBTQIA+ community which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual. The real issue was on the rise when gender equality made quite a noise. Some even suggested that they shouldn’t have the same rights as normal people do but the thing is, they are still normal. When a person doesn’t seem to be the person you expected to be, it does not mean that they aren’t normal just because they are so unlike the others.

If you ask me what my stand is, I’ll definitely answer without even thinking that I love LGBT. It is not because they are the body of my work but literally because of their courage in showing off their identity to the world and that is something that one should not be ashamed of but proud of rather, for only a human can stick up their chin while saying, ‘Yes, this is who I am’. I always believe that everyone should make choices for themselves and not for anyone else because if they do that, it’s like they are living for others and that would swiftly pull them away from happiness and contentment. All of us need no one to validate ourselves because being born into this world already makes us valid.


You should never think less of the person you are regardless of your sexuality because you are enough and you deserve to live. In my 18 years of existence, I noticed that people would consider you as a person if you look like them but if you are of great difference to them, they would think otherwise. It’s just disappointing that those people are fellow citizens of your country and it is a bit shameful to see that we are now crowded by narrow-minded people like them.

If you are someone who is a victim of discrimination because of your gender, you’ve chosen your identity and the least that you can do is own it. It is what you wanted and you should never listen to those people who don’t even know your real value. Set aside your pride and think straight for if you stand up for your own rights and perspective, others might just open their ears for you because you are not what they think you are.


Let me share something based on my experience. I have someone I know who is gay and we got on like a house on fire. We became friends, one of the best actually because I finally understood that the comfort I felt at that time was because of simply knowing him. You may have seen a lot of ladies in a group but there is something with LGBT that makes them one of a kind. They are funnier than funny, better than good and greater than best.


If you feel like you are bruised or scarred because of how you identify yourself, don’t shy away from it. Let the world know that you are made of steel and that you are ready to face knives thrown towards you with your head faced forward and not a single inch would you be wounded by it. If all eyes were closed, they surely won’t have a glimpse of beauty at its finest.

I want to tell this to everyone who hates the existence of homosexuality. I often get gloomy whenever people would say that LGBT aren’t supposed to be loved like others. For what reason? Is it because they chose what they wanted for themselves? Is it because you think they betrayed their own kind? The kind you also came from? Be cautious of what you say because we are all the same. Keep in mind that being human is different from being humane. Why not start working on being humane before considering yourself as a human?

Believing that no one will ever love you or accept you as you are is a big NO.

No offense to religious beliefs or other opposing opinions but the LGBT community might even have made their family proud than the ones in higher position be it in politics or not. A lot of them have actually paid for their family’s expenses, giving back what their parents have done for them and they might have also made their siblings finish their studies. In other words, they might have achieved greater things in life than you do.

To all genders, YOU ARE LOVED.

I won’t state this specifically but I understand that others might insist that the LGBT should go back to who they used to be when they were born but things change. Things are different today and if others teach people about ACCEPTANCE, it must first start with them because as I can see, it is not visible. It’s like teaching about something you don’t know about which makes you look like that of a lawmaker but the lawbreaker himself as well. Never dare to teach about something you haven’t applied to yourself yet because that is stupid.

One thing I observed is that some LGBT went back to being a man or a woman which exactly means that they were just confused about their gender preferences, but some did not because they have already made their decision and all we have to do is respect that. Stop saying that there’s a large population of LGBT just because of a large number of people in the 20 th century for it doesn’t make sense. Homosexuality might have started during ancient times so it should not be an issue anymore.

If you are not open-minded, feel free to stop reading but if you are, please take this to heart. The problem with some people nowadays is that they pretend to accept the ones in LGBT but later on take advantage of them be it emotionally or sexually. Ending sexual violence regardless of gender is what we should focus on and not the debate on whether they should also have their own rights as citizens of the country because that goes without saying. It is so easy to solve yet we make it a lot more critical.

I stan the LGBTQIA+ community!

Still, you have my support if you came out of your shell with good intentions for I despise people who use their gender in order to deceive people. As long as you are walking a straight line regardless of the identity that you present to the world, you have my respect.