Letters of Youth


/ 29 May 2021

If I need anything, even if it’s difficult, I’ll work hard for it. At my young age, I was able to do things that others did not do.

In 2016, there was this anti-superhero film I truly want to watch. I was waiting for it to come to our local mall every single day. At that time, I knew it was going to be a blockbuster. Many big Hollywood actors and actresses are in this movie. When the trailer was uploaded on YouTube, everyone was so hyped to watch it. I was beginning to envy them since they had the money to purchase a ticket. I was only 12-years old, so I don’t have any plans on obtaining money. I’m also not good at asking my parents, because they know I won’t allocate it for something important. Instead, I saved all my pocket, school, and Christmas money for this ticket.

I was collecting allowance money for weeks just to save more. Waiting is definitely the hardest part. After a two-week wait, the film came to the Philippines. I’ve been hopping all day knowing that it already came. The feeling was absolutely authentic. I was in school after I heard the news. When the bell rang, I immediately dash from school to my house. My chest was pumping, my hands were sweaty, and my body was in a moribund state.

I got into my computer. While searching, many people had already reserved good quality seats. My location was around the Metro Manila area, and each city has its best malls. There were many “best” malls to choose from and I had to pick the closest to my radar. After picking the nearest cinema, I saw that the movie I was about to watch was rated with an R. I was shocked because I know that I may not enter the cinema. My heart shattered into tiny bits. R-Rated films in the Philippines had classified their own specific range of age. The movie was rated an R-13.

I paused for a minute and clenched my fist. I can’t help to accept the fact that this movie was rated for adults only. The day was still fresh and I must think of the best solution to still watch the movie, but how? How could I possibly enter the cinema without anyone noticing that I’m not thirteen? While pondering, I thought of a way that I still might watch the film – a fake ID.

Faking an ID would be the best solution that I could think of. I was still unsure of the possibilities that may be droved. But I had nothing else to do, I was in my pit of despair. At least, creating a fake ID is not that hard. I had multiple encounters with editing photos and creating templates in Photoshop. Sometimes you really need to break society’s rules just to get what you want.

After cuts-by-cuts of Teslin papers, inserting pictures, and printing – I have finally finished my first fake ID. It wasn’t that hard to complete if you have video tutorials by your side. The whole process was a little confusing since I need to change my birth year. But I got it all covered, all that is left is to buy a ticket and enter the cinema.

I took my best friend to the mall. I discussed with him what would be our plan regards to entering the cinema. I could saw his face that he was a little nervous since this would be our first time breaking the law. We lined up immediately to the ticket booth inside the mall. While waiting, I could see his armpits sweating like the Pongas Falls of Sagada leaving a disgusting stain and his face was turning red. “We can do this,” I spoke. It’s important to put your mind on the game, or else, you might lose.

As we get closer and closer to the booth, I could feel the intensity thudding in my ears. From the moment we got our turn in buying the tickets, my best friend gripped my right hand tightly. The ticket lady looked at us with uncanny eyes. She asks if what movie we were planning to watch,

“Two tickets for the R-13 movie. Please?”  I spoke.

Her eyes were so suspicious she felt that something was definitely wrong,

“Could you show me your IDs?” the ticket lady asked.  We swiped our faked IDs from our pockets and gave them to the ticket lady. While glancing at the IDs, the ticket lady asked again for our birth year. I was stunned. I forgot what year I put on my fake ID. Using my rusty mathematical skills, I subtracted the current year up to the age where 13-years-old existed. “2003”. After a few seconds of premonition, she easily gave us two tickets. “Enjoy your watch!” she said with a smile. We both escaped from the eyes of the law that day.

We entered the cinema and finished the movie. It wasn’t what I expected since I just followed the people’s hype. If I could do it differently, I would tell my younger self that I was a total selfish prick. I should’ve just waited for it to come on HBO or YouTube. It was wrong to create unlawful activities just to get what you want. Breaking the law is unhealthy. Although, despite what I did, I think’s great that I experienced it once. At least I have proven one thing; If I need anything, even if it’s difficult, I’ll work hard for it. But still, don’t break the law.