Letters of Youth


/ 16 July 2021

Before the pandemic, we used to bond by physical affection. We gave and received hugs and handshakes that used to make our day. But now that we are in our “new normal” because of the pandemic, it is required for us to physically distance ourselves from each other. Which is a reason for us to be touch deprived.


What is Touch Deprivation?


-Touch deprivation or touch starvation is when you get little to no physical touch at all, thus you starve and crave for human contact.

-Touch starvation is linked to a range of psychological and even physical health problems.

-It can happen to anyone, anywhere especially right now that we are physically distant because of the COVID-19.


What are the effects of being Touch Deprived?


Studies state that touch deprivation increases:






And it may cause some infections and difficulties in sleeping.

How can I cope with Touch Deprivation in the middle of a pandemic?


Experts suggest that you can cope and reduce touch deprivation by:


-Giving yourself a massage 

-Listening to ASMR videos


-Spending time with pets

-Sleeping next to a body pillow

-Using blankets


Don’t ever think that you’re alone during this kind of time, because you aren’t. We’re all in this together and even the people who once hated physical touch have explained that this is the first time in forever that they’ve felt touch starved.