Letters of Youth


/ 2 July 2021

If you’re someone whose interest lies in knowing the unknowns through ideas grounded on science or in finding answers to seemingly unanswerable questions, then Ghost Lab could really be your cup of tea.

Saying that supernatural events, or ghosts, that occur around the world can be scientific and logical is a hypothesis that is still not found to be totally true. Until now, there has not been a lot of scientific evidence that could comprehensively explain how a typically heavy chair can move by itself or the weird noises of a baby crying or a ball of chain being dragged. Despite all these, this Netflix original by Golf Paween Pirijitpanya attempted to show to the global audience certain traces that could lead human beings, being rational as they are, to have a deeper understanding of the afterlife by producing an undeniably thrilling and very emotional Thai film.

After two doctors, Wee (Tor Thanapob Leeratanakajorn) and Gla (Ice Paris Intarakomalyasut), the show’s main characters, experienced a paranormal activity together, the story revolved on how Gla, who is much curious about ghost stories, led his fellow doctor, who has completely different ideas on ghosts and is focused on having his severely-ill mother cured, to join him in his research experiment that wanted to prove, through science, that ghosts are real. After finding out their need to have a “ghost participant” in order for their mad experiment to progress, they found themselves in a situation that compelled them to make a decision that would reveal their obsession and viciousness – a decision that was a matter of life and death.

The horror film, which ran for almost two hours, was without doubt a film that is worth every penny. It was evident how the production team spent a lot as the heart-throbbing scenes of falling from a rooftop or the intense fight of the characters in the latter part of the story, accompanied by a very thrilling musical scoring, were definitely well-executed. Also, the guilty feeling of Wee and the heartfelt regret of Gla were surely endured by the viewers as the raw acting of Tor and Ice was outstanding to give everyone some chills and teary eyes all throughout. Most significantly, the fact that the movie gave a number of lessons that the audience can ponder on after watching is one thing that sets Ghost Lab apart.

Contrary to what most viewers of the film expected, the main characters’ experiment may have not worked the way they wanted it to be, yet still, the movie has expounded the ideas on the afterlife and has provided additional scientific information on it, while outstandingly leaving their audience terrified. The film surely made a point to people that despite the extensive capability of the human mind, it still has its limitations and there are still occurring things, which are beyond what the mind can grasp.

Ghost Lab is yet another masterpiece of Thai drama whose reputation in making horror films is quite exceptional. It is a film that presents the horror experiences people from any part of the world encounter, making it worth watching and worth recommending.