Letters of Youth


/ 7 August 2021

She’s just like a rippling curtain of shooting rays that light up the sky in an incredible glow. A combination of vivid colors that makes my world blush for instance. But that ethereal display of colored lights shimmering for once crossed my way, faded away. Hope faded away.

         Two years ago, I was misled by chance. Not being able to cope up with the world’s entrusted burdens and responsibilities on my back. Havoc, I may say. Because of the fear of not being good enough and frightened by the feeling of falling short, I am locked. My life’s a mess, I know. Yet by looking at the woman standing next to me enjoying the picturesque view of that arc of lights up in the night sky- the flickering aurora borealis, I was mesmerized. Behind that white mask and a bonnet, was a strong woman fighting for cancer. A woman who doesn’t even give a damn how she looks- pale and hairless. Instead finding reasons to live life to the fullest. Even though our sun is 93 million miles away, she’s just like sunshine to me, tiny bits of hope. But she suddenly collapsed, realizing she only wished to be free and see Aurora Borealis for the last time and then faded off of my view.

         Until one day, her pictures spread over the internet realizing she doesn’t just inspire me but have heartened more than thousands of people by sharing her journey while fighting her cancer and encouraging them to hold their lives back while there is still time. Grasping and embracing it, is all that we have. Not asking for more instead finding where her heart is in content- in worshipping God. Her name is Hope while I found hope in her under Aurora Borealis.