/ 14 August 2020

Earlier today, the Department of Education moved the opening of classes from August 24 to October 5. Elementary and high school students were spared from the frenzy of rushed preparations for the opening of classes.

College students were not so lucky, though. The euphoria of hearing the announcement was quickly replaced by the realization that they are not covered by it. They immediately set their keyboards on fire by sending the Commission on Higher Education a flurry of pleas, begging it to do “something”.

CHED is now trending on Twitter with over 71k tweets and counting. Of course, college students injected humor in imploring CHED action. Here are some of the best memes and mentions of CHED against the DepEd’s announcement:

CHED Chairman Prospero de Vera III said on Friday, August 14, that colleges and universities are not covered by R.A. 11480, the law that moved the school opening for basic education students from August 24 to October 5.

Last July, De Vera also said that universities and colleges are ready to open classes in August even if the country is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

College students, good luck on your classes, stay safe and as always, dasal lang. Dasal lang talaga.