/ 3 May 2021

In this day and age, given the pandemic and continuous lockdowns, stronger telecommunications and internet connection are a MUST when conducting everyday operations, both in work and in school. Thus, the different players in our country continue to level up their services and improve their technologies to match the needs of today’s generation.

Thus, it was encouraging and exciting to see Radius Telecoms launching its latest fiber broadband service, RED Fiber.  RED Fiber has proven to be a major force in the field.  It has kept its progressive stance as the “Broadband of Choices” in Greater Metro Manila, CALABARZON, and parts of Central Luzon.  “Certain areas are implementing granular lockdowns brought about by this global health crisis.  Having a grand product launch doesn’t feel right at the moment.  But at the same time, we want to continue creating ways to serve our customers safely and efficiently.  That is why we launched RED Fiber online – to provide ease of transaction for our customers,” Radius Telecoms President and CEO Exequiel Delgado said.

The online portal facilitates the speedy processing of new subscriber applications.  Customers can check the availability of RED Fiber’s service in any residential area.  Upon approval of the application, the fiber Internet service can be installed within 48 hours.  Radius Telecoms also forged a partnership with Cignal TV, the No.1 payTV provider, to launch dual-play plans, giving consumers unlimited fiber Internet, plus awesome premium channels.  Radius Telecoms’ superior Internet network ensures 90 percent service reliability and 33 percent minimum speed for their fiber Internet home plans.

“It is high time for Internet home plans.  This kind of service level agreement (SLA).  At RED Fiber, we will work hard to deliver this SLA consistently,” Delgado said.

And… being a Meralco subsidiary, future, potential customers can trust that their service will be world-class.