/ 20 July 2023

REPRESENTATIVES of the United States Agency for International Development visited Salvacion Elementary School in Negros Occidental to witness the use of innovative tools that assist teachers in providing quality education for early grade learners.

These were the Language Identification Tool and Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment.

LIT determines learners’ language to ensure effective instruction delivery. It is administered with a computer or laptop and provides real-time results without internet access or software updates.

The CRLA meanwhile empowers teachers to swiftly classify Grade 1-3 learners’ reading abilities in Mother Tongue, Filipino, and English. It helps teachers identify students who require extra support and determine the specific assistance needed to enhance their reading skills.

DepEd Philippines and USAID collaborated for the development of the innovative tools.

“Together, we can unlock the potential of every learner and create a brighter future!” USAID said.

USAID Deputy Mission Director Rebekah Eubanks and US Embassy Deputy Counselor for Economic Affairs David Ryan Sequeira were present during the visit.