/ 21 February 2023

THE DEPARTMENT of Science and Technology’s Science Education Institute renewed its partnership with the Mindanao State University System for the Bangon Marawi Program in Science and Technology Human Resource Development.

The two institutions recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement to seal the partnership, after which 73 new scholars signed their scholarship agreement, becoming the first batch of qualifiers for the approved 200 slots for the year.

“Education is a powerful tool for development, and a fundamental right for all young people, especially those affected by the conflict,” Dr. Josette Biyo, DOST-SEI director, said.

Through the program, more students from Marawi City and nearby towns can pursue their degrees as DOST scholars. Applicants who were directly affected by the siege in 2017 will be given priority.

Scholars enjoy the same privileges accorded to DOST scholars, such as book and thesis allowance; accident insurance; and a monthly stipend of P7,000 for undergraduate students and P25,000 and P33,000 for masters and doctorate students, respectively.

The program also covers graduate students’ tuition and provide research grants of up to P475,000.

MSU System President Atty. Basari Mapupuno reiterated the university’s support to the program.

“Bangon Marawi is a blessing not only to MSU but to numerous individuals who have been aided by this endeavor,” Mapupuno said.

DOST Secretary Renato Solidum Jr. ensured the program’s continuity and underscored the importance of human and social infrastructures in Marawi’s rehabilitation.

“By restoring people’s confidence in their abilities and assuring them that nothing, not even poverty, war, or a pandemic, can stop them from pursuing their dreams, we rebuild Marawi from within,” Solidum said.

The DOST-SEI and MSU first inked a partnership in 2018. In its five-year run, over 500 scholarship slots have been awarded to MSU students and faculty taking up science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Almost 400 have finished their studies.