/ 21 May 2022

THE REGIONAL director of the Department of Education in Central Visayas backed proposals to revive the Youth Development Training and Citizens Army Training in high school.

Region 7 Director Salustiano Jimenez said that military training will boost the youth’s physical and moral resiliency.

YDT was offered for first year to third year high school students in the 70s, while CAT was taken by seniors.

Jimenez said students who completed YDT and CAT were shown to be more physically and morally resilient.

“It is not necessary that we will all be serving the military. But in our personal capacity, in our family, the training that we went through can be useful, like me as a father, as a family man, and as an official of the government. I hope that my kids will experience the same training that I got,” Jimenez said.