/ 14 July 2022

THE DEPARTMENT of Education office in Cordillera is considering giving a month-long break for the teachers before the start of full face-to-face classes.

“Teachers need to totally rest, even if it’s just for a month,” DepEd Cordillera director Estela Cariño said.

“[Teachers] will not have work in mind for a month, and no one will text them to submit reports,” she added.

Cariño said that a break will help teachers and students prepare for the resumption of in-person classes.

“Some teachers got used to working from home to do modules. Some learners are used to staying at home and letting parents answer their modules while they play. This is reality and these are issues we have to address,” the official said.

“I came across a learner who expressed a dislike for resuming classroom lessons, complaining that the teacher requires the child to learn how to read when no such pressure exists at home,” she added.