/ 15 December 2022

THE DEPARTMENT of Education in the Bicol Region has seen an improvement in the performance of the students who underwent remediation and catch-up activities.

It said that the remediation activity was under the 8-Week Learning Recovery Curriculum.

The regional office conducted a program’s post-assessment and evaluation last October, according to DepEd-5 Director Gilbert Sadsad.

“We conducted a post-assessment last October because we are interested to know how our students fared during the implementation of the 8-Week LRC,” Sadsad said.

The preliminary data suggested that some students made progress in their foundational skills in numeracy and literacy after the program was implemented.

Sadsad also said that submitted reports from the 13 school division offices showed that there is a significant increase in the number of students whose basic numeracy and literacy skills have improved after attending a series of remediation activities.

Meanwhile, DepEd-5 education program supervisor Grace Rabelas reported that the number of refresher pupils in Grades 2 and 3 has decreased as a result of participating in various remedial and catch-up programs.

“The number of grade-ready learners in Grade 2 (Mother Tongue) has increased by 18.04 percent, from 15.22 percent last year when they were in Grade 1, to 33.26 percent now that there are in Grade 2 after the implementation of the 8-Week LRC. Those who are Grade Ready in Filipino (Grade 3) has increased by 17.82 percent; from 24.98 percent last year when they were still in Grade 2 to 42.8 percent this school year now that they are in Grade 3, after the implementation of the 8-Week Learning Recovery Curriculum,” she noted.

Around 400,000 students participated in the implementation of the 8-Week LRC.