/ 11 May 2021

A TEACHER in Bicol region is one of this year’s recipients of the National Geographic Awards for her project on environmental education.

Ranielle Navarro, Teacher III of Albay Central School, was recognized for starting “A Call to Solution: Goals for Environmental Oversight” or ACS GEO, that aims to train and involve learners as scientists and journalists using digital storytelling and geocaching.

The project was funded by NatGeo.

She also participated in a series of webinars that featured international and local speakers on environmental science and digital technology.

Navarro’s project enabled her to donate 10 computer tablets to ACS.

“These gadgets are installed with the software app called Marine Debris Tracker App. The software application is a user-friendly platform that engages the learners in geocaching and environmental education and action despite the current remote learning setting,” the Department of Education office in Region V said.

Navarro said that her love for teaching inspired her to conceptualize the project despite the limitations brought by the Covid19 pandemic.

“As educators, it is important that we create learning opportunities for our learners despite the limitations we have. I saw the remote learning setting as an opportunity to make our learners explore their community as a laboratory for learning using geocaching and digital storytelling,” she said.

“Through the ACS GEO project, we were able to continue to develop our learners in becoming global citizens and environmental leaders despite the hurdles of this pandemic,” Navarro added.

In 2019, Navarro was one of 18 recipients of the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers. She was also a Certified NatGeo Educator last year.