/ 10 March 2023

THE BANGSAMORO government continues to prioritize the health and nutrition of learners in the region through its school-based feeding program.

Minister for Basic, Higher and Technical Education Mohagher Iqbal said P384 million was allocated for the feeding program for 160,000 learners in 11 divisions.

“The MBHTE promotes healthy eating habits through our school-based feeding program to ensure our students consume food with the proper nutritional value; we need to guarantee that they are well-educated and in good health,” he said.

He noted that the program reduces hunger and malnutrition, prevents obesity, improves school enrollment and attendance as well as academic performance.

Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority Director-General Mohajirin Ali acknowledged the help of local farmers in the implementation of the program.

“We recognize the contribution of our local farmers through home-grown school feeding to address the malnutrition among the school-aged children,” Ali said.