/ 3 November 2020

A YOUTH organization scored the government for allegedly neglecting the education sector during typhoon Rolly’s rampage.

The Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan said that the government’s refusal to alleviate the situation in the education sector even in the middle of the typhoon has left students, teachers, and workers in the dust.

“The education system, broken as it is with the haphazard shift to distance platforms, is left in an even worse state by the typhoon,” John Lazaro, the group’s national spokesperson, said in a statement.

“A failure to nationally suspend classes and other school requirements in consideration of students whose power supplies have been cut due to the typhoon is merely the latest in a long, long list of failures in Philippine education,” he added.

Lazaro claimed that the government did not consider the situation of students, teachers, or workers during the typhoon’s onslaught.

“The shift to distance learning disenfranchised those without internet connections, those without a machine-like work capacity, teachers who couldn’t keep up,” he said.