/ 8 May 2022

KABATAAN Partylist called on school administrators to implement academic easing to lessen the burden of requirements that hinder them from fully exercising their democratic rights in joining the electoral campaign.

Academic ease policies may range across a combination of measures to allow students to have anxiety-free time for other activities or rest, which may include rescheduling of deadlines, trimming down academic load, or a more lenient grading policy, among others.

“We stand with student voters in providing them a better opportunity to vote on May 9.Likewise, we stand with a larger chunk of students who are not yet voters but are equally affected by this election’s outcome to be able to campaign on the last day without fear of academic failure,” the group said.

The youth organization also implored teachers and administrators to be lenient and not penalize any academic activity missed by students especially in the duration of the last week of campaign from May 1-9.

“We appeal to educators that at this moment in time the best education that the youth can have is the opportunity of not just learning history but making history,” the group stressed.

Given the nation’s future primarily relies on the decision of youth voters, Kabataan Partylist further said it is best to allow the young ones the time to critically engage and act in the classroom world where there is no teacher but the masses themselves.