/ 19 September 2021

THREE of the best and brightest young teachers gathered together on Saturday and encouraged action about the learning crisis.

The Philippine Business for Education established the Scholar Alumni Network for the pioneers of its teacher quality programs – 1000 Teachers Program and Scholarships for Teacher Education Programs to Uplift Teacher Quality in the Philippines.

The scholarship programs, made possible through the support of PBEd’s corporate partners like BPI, Shell, Metrobank Foundation, and the Australian Embassy, helped the teachers succeed in their profession.

Metrobank Foundation President Aniceto Sobrepeña, who’s also a Board Member of PBEd and co-chair of the National Teachers’ Month Celebration, shared that for this year’s Teachers’ Month, they’re retaining the theme “I teach for a better future.”

He explained the quote is to highlight the success of teachers in pursuing the overall education objectives despite the constraints caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

“The theme is likewise an ode to all of you, our dear educators, for your dedication to ensure that no Filipino student gets left behind no matter the circumstances,” he added.

Sobrepeña also encouraged SAN to never lose hope for the country and continue teaching Filipino learners.

SAN aims to foster and strengthen relationships among its graduates as they advance to their teaching careers.

“The goal of the Scholar Alumni Network or SAN is to create a community of passionate scholars and educators who are empowered to make education reforms in their own schools and localities,” said PBEd Executive Director Love Basillote.

PBEd’s scholarship programs were the basis of TEACH Bill which aims to establish a national teacher scholarship program. It will provide generous incentives to attract competent individuals to teach and train in the best education schools in the country.

“Our experience with STEP UP, although it has now come to an end, demonstrated an effective model to advance pre-service education reforms, promoting strong qualifications and incentives for future teachers by attracting the best and the brightest high school graduates and professionals and providing them with the opportunity to receive training in top teacher education institutions through competitive scholarships,” said His Excellency Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Steven J. Robinson.

“Thanks to PBEd’s unrelenting advocacy efforts, we now have the Teacher for Education for Achievers Bill or TEACH Bill filed in both Houses of Congress.”

Almera Jane Amindato, a STEP UP alumna, shared how the scholarship trained her to be an effective teacher.

“Without the help, support, and training I’ve received from STEP UP, I will not be the teacher that I am today. My experience as a scholar created a huge impact in my life and that enabled me to create even more meaningful changes to my students, community, and even my co-teachers. I was honed and molded to be the best and be suitable to the demands of being a public-school teacher.”

Among the highlights of the launch was SAN President Melton James Fernandez’s speech, where he signified their commitment to PBEd’s advocacies in improving teaching and learning in the country through the SAN’s Mission, Vision, and Goals.