/ 5 December 2023

HOUSE Speaker Martin Romualdez on Tuesday (05 Dec 2023) reiterated his unwavering support for President Bongbong Marcos’ decision to reopen peace negotiations with communist rebels

“As Speaker of the House of Representatives, we reaffirm our wholehearted support to President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr.’s decision to reopen peace negotiations,” Speaker Romualdez, first cousin of the President, said in a statement.

It may be recalled that the Marcos administration and the communist rebels agreed last week to restart talks after a six-year hiatus, aiming to end half a century of conflict that has killed more than 40,000 people.

“This courageous step towards reconciliation is a testament to our government’s commitment to enduring peace and unity, which are the cornerstones of our nation’s development and progress,” Romualdez added.

“The path to peace is often complex and challenging, but it is a journey worth undertaking for the future of the Philippines.”

The Speaker from the Tacloban Leyte also explained that “President Marcos’s initiative is a bold move towards healing and unity, reflecting our dedication to resolving longstanding conflicts through dialogue and understanding.”

Romualdez also stressed that the resumption of peace talks “is essential for all sectors—government, civil society, and every Filipino—to come together in support of this peace process. Through collective efforts and an unswerving commitment to peace, we can overcome the barriers of the past and construct a stronger, more united Philippines.”

“Bakit tayo matatakot makipag-usap kung alam nating malakas ang ating Sandatahang Lakas at matatag ang ating Republika? Ano ang ikababahala natin kung alam natin na nasa pamahalaan ang tiwala ng bayan?

The Speaker also said the reopening of the peace talks that the previous administration of Rodrigo Duterte shelved, “is more than just a political maneuver; it is a moral imperative, a chance to mend the fissures that have long divided our nation. We are not just negotiating terms; we are weaving the fabric of a peaceful future for every Filipino.

“Let us embrace this opportunity with open hearts and minds, fostering an environment where peace can flourish. Together, under President Marcos’s leadership, we shall strive towards a Philippines that is not only prosperous but also harmonious and united in its diversity,” the Speaker said.

Tama na ang digmaan. Pagod na ang ating mamamayan sa kaguluhan. Bigyan natin ng pagkakataon ang kapayaan.”

The House of Representatives also issued an official cross-party statement, in a collective expression of their “unwavering support for PBBM’s initiative for peace and unity.”

Here is the full text:


As the united voice of the House of Representatives, representing all political parties, we collectively express our unwavering support for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s initiative for peace and national unity. This historic move marks a pivotal moment in our nation’s journey towards lasting peace and sustainable development.

We acknowledge the diverse perspectives and ideologies within our ranks, yet we stand together in our commitment to the greater good of the Philippines. This unity in purpose reflects the strength of our democracy and the resilience of our nation.

President Marcos’s call for peace transcends political boundaries and speaks to the core of our shared values as Filipinos. It is a call for understanding, cooperation, and collective action towards a future where every citizen can live in harmony and prosperity.

Recognizing the complexities and challenges of this peace process, we pledge our support and commitment to contribute constructively to these negotiations. We are united in the belief that through dialogue, empathy, and mutual respect, we can overcome historical divides and build a more inclusive and peaceful nation.

We urge all Filipinos, from every corner of our archipelago, to join us in this noble pursuit. It is only through our joint efforts that we can turn the aspirations of peace, unity, and progress into reality.

In solidarity, we commend President Marcos for his visionary leadership. Together, as a united House of Representatives and as one nation, we look forward to a future marked by peace, unity, and prosperity for all Filipinos.