/ 29 October 2022

THE SAMAHAN ng Progresibong Kabataan took to task Education Secretary Sara Duterte-Carpio for her alleged failure to stop sexual harassment in schools and address problems in the education sector.

The group said that the DepEd chief has the mandate “to shut down all gross attempts at historical distortion.”

“It is not enough for her to make feeble and defensive excuses that she can just toss out like Yellow Pages confetti in commemoration of a bourgeois uprising. In perfect harmony with her running mate, Sara denies being made accountable for the sins of their fathers. Like that same confetti, the true plights of Filipino students will be treated as meaningless waste to be discarded after,” it added.

“If she continues to treat her post as a mere platform to curry favor with the masses, she will end up similar to former Presidents Marcos and Duterte: with millions of lives being worsened under her watch,” the group ended.

The group also shot down the department’s claim that the return of in-person classes was a major achievement.