/ 14 March 2021

ANG PROBINSYANO Partylist Representative Alfred Delos Santos has filed a measure seeking to create an advance studies development program for exceptional employees from the government and private sector.

In House Bill 8936 or the proposed Pensionado Act, Delos Santos stressed that human resources developments are essential for economic progress.

“Four decades later, and after a series of democratically elected governments, the Philippines’ labor export program is still very much in place,” he said in his explanatory note.

The lawmaker explained that his bill seeks to establish a fellowship program for advanced studies for Filipino employees whether they’re from the private sector, the government or even self-employed.

House Bill 8936 mandates the Commission on Higher Education, in coordination with the non-government organizations, the private sector and other government agencies to create the program. The program shall collate all fellowships, scholarships, training grants sponsored or extended by a foreign government, local agencies, organization and other bodies intended for advanced studies.

Under the measure, 24 employees will be chosen annually and will be given scholarship for advance studies.

To qualify for the program, one must be a Filipino citizen, gainfully employed, college degree graduate and with honors, with demonstrated leadership and proven exceptional performance in his/her present work, enthusiastic in undergoing further training and willing to sign a contract requiring him/her to return to his/her job in another capacity after the training.