/ 9 May 2024

SENATOR Jinggoy Estrada is pushing for a measure to strengthen the charter of the Philippine National Police Academy.

The senator filed Senate Bill 2655 aiming to ensure the quality of training and education in the academy.

The measure states that the PNPA will have the right to determine its policies, plans, and programs, academic and otherwise, as part of its constitutionally guaranteed right to academic freedom.

The bill seeks to strengthen the existing academic charter of the PNPA to fulfill its mandate to produce the future leaders of the law enforcement bureau of the country.

The PNPA was created through Presidential Decree 1184 to professionalize the members of the then Integrated National Police.

“Following the abolishment of PC-INP in 1991, the control and supervision of the PNPA was transferred to the Philippine Public Safety College,” Estrada said in the bill.

In 2019, the PNPA was transferred under the administrative control and supervision of the Office of the Chief, PNP.

“For more than 40 years, the PNPA has been carrying out its function to train and educate commissioned officers of PNP, Bureau of Fire and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, with its motto, ‘To learn Today, to Lead Tomorrow’,” the senator added.

Estrada said it is vital to revisit the PNPA charter of 1981 to make it more responsive to the current challenges and demands of public safety and social defense.