/ 16 January 2023

SENATOR Loren Legarda has filed a measure that aims to institutionalize a Rondalla training program for music teachers.

In filing Senate Bill 1338 or the proposed Philippine Rondalla Program, Legarda said that Rondalla has long been a part of Philippine culture.

“A crucial part of our cultural heritage is music. Rondalla, introduced in the Philippines in the 15th century has long been an important facet of our community life,” she explained.

The measure mandates the Department of Education to include allocations for programs and activities related to Rondalla, including training, instruction, pedagogy and performance ensemble in its annual budget.

The program shall be funded through the appropriations of the DepEd.

The senator noted that giving the necessary support for activities and programs for Rondalla will ensure that young aspiring musicians will be provided with opportunities to develop. It will also advance educators with the appropriate training.

She added that support and assistance for Rondalla training will also further preserve and strengthen the Rondalla culture and tradition in the country.