/ 11 September 2022

TO ENSURE the optimal and long-term development of Filipino athletes, Senator Joel Villanueva sought to institutionalize sports varsity teams in elementary and secondary schools.

Villanueva filed Senate Bill 569 or the proposed Sports Varsity Teams in Basic Education law.

The measure mandates public and private elementary and secondary schools to organize and develop sports varsity teams in traditional and indigenous games, dances and sports.

Under the bill, the school shall endeavor to gradually expand the number of sports event that it holds in accordance with the school’s after-school program and the interests of the students, coaches and the community.

The measure mandates the Department of Education to provide a sports varsity selection and admission system while the school administration is responsible in securing the services of competent coaches.

The DepEd will also maintain a registry of student athletes that make this accessible to colleges and universities, Philippine Sports Commission, National Sports Associations, Philippine Olympic Committee, National Academy for Sports System and other private sports group.

The DepEd shall also develop an incentives and rewards system for schools that have supported the development of their varsity teams.