/ 25 March 2021

THE DEPARTMENT of Education said that officials behind the conduct of face-to-face seminars in Zambales will be held accountable as it clarified that the home office did not give its approval for the event.

At least 28 teachers and employees of the Schools Division Office of Zambales  contracted the coronavirus disease after attending the seminar.

The agency said that it will investigate the incident.

“Appropriate disciplinary actions for authorities who breached protocols will be taken once the investigation is finalized,” it said.

The department emphasized that it strictly adheres to the guidelines and health protocols on work and office arrangements set by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Department of Health, and the Civil Service Commission.

The agency said that it is closely monitoring  teachers who were infected with the virus.

“We have also coordinated with the concerned field offices to provide medical assistance and psychosocial support for them,” it added.

The agency’s field offices were urged to exercise prudence and observe alternative work arrangements and protocols, including prohibiting large gatherings.

“In our continuous fight against the threat of Covid19, we should remain vigilant in our actions to protect our learners, teachers, and loved ones,” it added.