/ 17 December 2020

THE NATIONAL Union of Students of the Philippines questioned the government’s plan to resume limited face-to-face classes in ‘low-risk’ areas next year.

The student union said that resuming face-to-face classes is dangerous.

“How can the national government scientifically and medically assess if an area is considered low COVID-19 risk if there is still no mass testing and thorough contact tracing? Reopening face-to-face classes without a comprehensive health program will only subject students and teachers to the dangers of the still unresolved pandemic,” NUSP National President Jandeil Roperos said in a statement.

“Public schools are underfunded and overpopulated, facilities and classrooms are lacking and inadequate, universities are treated as businesses — this is but a glance at our country’s educational system even before the pandemic. With these long-existing problems in our education situation exposed and exacerbated, we must see to it that the greenlighting of face-to-face classes won’t end up as another haphazard and impulsive decision,” she added.

The group said that the national government must first ramp up its plan on “flattening the curve” and integrate systems that will strictly implement minimum health standards before allowing the resumption of face-to-face classes.

The Department of Education said it will soon announce the schools where face-to-face classes will be held.