/ 21 June 2024

ACT Teachers Party-list Representative France Castro described Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio’s resignation as a “positive” move, noting that there were no significant changes in the education sector during her tenure at the Department of Education.

“We are pleased and welcome her resignation,” Castro said in a radio interview on Thursday.

“We have long been saying that she should no longer be at the DepEd. Despite her more than two years in the position, there have been no substantial changes in addressing the issues in education. So, this resignation is indeed a positive move,” the lawmaker added.

Castro emphasized that the next DepEd Secretary should come from the education sector, as they understand the condition of students, teachers, and the overall state of education in the country.

The lawmaker expressed hope that there would be “no political accommodation” to ensure that the next DepEd head is genuinely qualified for the position.

Previously, Senator Win Gatchalian, who chairs the Senate Committee on Basic Education, mentioned that he has “several names in mind” for the next DepEd chief, though he still needs to “consider them thoroughly.”