/ 11 April 2021

SORSOGON 1ST District Rep. Evelina Escudero filed a measure seeking to provide Longevity Service Incentive Benefit to public school teachers in primary and secondary education.

House Bill 2344 aims to give annual Longevity Service Incentive to teachers who have rendered at least six months of continuous service whether they be contractual, substitute or permanent.

The benefit shall be paid on the 15th day before the end of the school year or upon retirement or separation from service.

Escudero said the country needs capable teachers.

“It is lamentable that while we have numerous graduates yearly, there is a dearth of teachers. This problem poses a great challenge to our government. The exodus of educators to find greener pasture abroad, to be nannies and domestic helpers, is a formidable problem that needs to be confronted and resolved,” he said in her explanatory note.

Once enacted into law, the amount necessary for the benefits will be charged to the appropriations for the Department of Education.