/ 10 October 2022

SENATOR Francis Tolentino filed a measure that will give government employee status to cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy.

Senate Bill 1307 or the proposed PNPA Cadet Act also aims to grant the cadets civil service eligibility as well as other benefits and privileges.

It seeks to provide PNPA cadets with corresponding benefits in case of death, disability or sickness acquired in the course of their training.

Tolentino said that promoting and uplifting the interest of the PNPA cadets will strengthen the recruitment, admission and retention of these individuals.

“As enshrined in the Constitution, it is a policy of the State to promote the general welfare of its people alongside the maintenance of the peace and order of our society. It is within the ambit of the Philippine National Police that these policies are implemented,” Tolentino said.

“Thus, it is important that utmost attention be given to those who aim and seek to be part of our police force, including the cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy,” he added.