/ 31 August 2022

SENATOR Juan Edgardo Angara has filed a bill that will institutionalize support mechanisms for public school teachers and personnel in matters of student discipline for classroom management.

In Senate Bill 532 or the proposed Teacher Protection Act, Angara said the state should ensure the protection of teachers.

“The teachers’ well-being and their ability to manage stress must likewise be of paramount interest in order for them to effectively perform their vital role in shaping the lives of their students,” he said in his explanatory note.

The bill seeks to give teachers free legal assistance and training in matters involving classroom management and discipline.

It mandates the creation of guidelines that will set out the appropriate and effective responses and interventions that will address violation of school rules and regulations.

By looking after the teachers’ welfare, the students will be better equipped to become responsible, productive, empowered, and successful individuals, the senator said.

Angara stressed that it is time to ensure a nurturing and safe school environment not only for children but for educators as well.