/ 24 May 2022

ACT TEACHERS Party-list Representative France Castro on Monday reiterated the importance of bringing back Philippine History subject in the high school curriculum to combat misinformation about the country’s history specially during the martial law period.

The lawmaker said her challenge to the incoming Department of Education secretary comes from recommendation of historians and fellow teachers.

“We must strengthen Philippine History education especially during these times where there is widespread disinformation and misinformation about our history and there is a conscious effort to revise and deny the history of the Filipino people especially during the martial law period,” Castro said.

DepEd Order 20 s. 2014 removed Philippine History from the curriculum of high school students as part of education reforms.

“According to many history teachers and professors, students only learn Philippine History at the age of 11 and 12, nothing else is taught thereafter until seven years later when they enter college, if they continue their studies,” Castro said.

“This leaves students with very minimal understanding of basic historical concepts and the significance of these events to our daily lives which further limits the capability of many Filipinos to make their own research about our own culture, appreciate and emulate our national heroes and criticize the sins of the past the have great effects on how our society is today,” she added.