/ 16 June 2022

SENATOR Sherwin Gatachalian expressed concern that students may show dismal performance during face-to-face classes after years of distance learning and might find it difficult to catch up.

“I’m very concerned when we go back, we have to remember that our schools were closed for about two years, and we didn’t have any National Achievement Test for two years. I’m very concerned that once we have the test, our grades will not be as good and as what we expect and it’s very difficult to catch up,” the chairman of the Senate Committee on Basic Education, Arts and Culture said.

“Catching up is the most difficult part. And when students have problems catching up they tend to drop out and the repercussions of dropping out is enormous for our country,” he added.

The senator said that he is confident that schools can now reopen and that students can attend face-to-face classes again.

“Based on my observation and my consultation with our teachers and consultation with people on the ground, we’re ready to go back to face to face classes. For example, in Valenzuela, based on our observation, our cases are low. Our families are, they know what to do. In cases of for example, somebody has symptoms so we’re ready to go back to face to face classes,” he stressed.

Gatchalian reiterated that physical classes will also increase economic activity.

“So it’s not only fixing learning losses, but also jumpstarting our local economy, especially in our LGUs,” he said.