/ 18 April 2022

THE COLLEGE Editors Guild of the Philippines wants the Duterte administration held responsible for allowing anti-environment and anti-people policies and projects.

The group specifically cited the alleged killing of defenders of the environment.

“It is also high time that we demand accountability to the Duterte regime that contributed to the climate crisis we are experiencing. The Duterte administration must be prosecuted for collaborating with capitalists and killing environmental defenders,” CEGP Deputy Secretary-General Regina Tolentino said.

The group also urged candidates running for public office to bare their plans and programs for the environment.

“The campus press and the youth likewise challenge 2022 national and local election candidates to air their plans and actions on this climate crisis. As Filipinos who pledge being ‘maka-kalikasan,’ each of them shall listen to science and the masses now, more than ever,” Tolentino said.

The CEGP also joined calls for rapid and deep cuts on greenhouse emissions.