/ 30 August 2021

THE NATIONAL Task Force Against Covid19 plans to vaccinate minors in the last quarter of 2021.

Wilben Mayor, head of NTF sub-task force on current operations, said they already recommended to the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group to include the children in the vaccination program.

“On the projection, the government, through the vaccine cluster, has already been eyeing for the inoculation of our children especially from ages 12 to 17,” Mayor said.

“The vaccination of the proposed age group will be highly dependent on the decision of the government’s vaccine expert panel, as well as the availability of the Covid19 vaccines in the global market,” he added.

Mayor said the vaccine cluster already made a move to ensure a steady supply of vaccines for the minors.

“They have already signed the purchase order for 10 million doses of Sinovac and the increase of delivery of Pfizer more or less five million doses, and Moderna, three million doses,” he added.

Moderna and Sinovac recently applied for an authorization for emergency use of its vaccines for minors.

The Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines has only given  EUA to Pfizer for the use of its vaccine on children.