/ 12 January 2021

MANILA 3rd District Rep. John Marvin ‘Yul Servo’ Nieto filed a measure that will grant public school teachers funeral and memorial service discounts.

House Bill 4905 or the proposed Public School Teachers Funeral Assistance Act mandates a 20 percent discount on funeral services and 10 percent discount on the purchase of memorial lots and other related expenses for teachers who died of work-related sickness and injuries.

“Despite the numerous policies on uplifting the teachers’ welfare and the benefits they receive for their services, the ever changing social and economical landscape in the country further highlights the need to revisit and improve on these,” Nieto said in his explanatory note.

“Given the significance of the role of teachers in everyone’s lives, it is only proper that they be accorded the dignity that they deserve for all services they have rendered,” he added.

House Bill 4905 covers all teachers under the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education.

Those who violate the law will be fined P50,000 to P100,000 or imprisoned for a minimum of six months.