/ 8 September 2020

THE FEDERATION of Associations of Private School Administrators has voiced its strong opposition to the call for ‘academic freeze’ this school year because of the Covid19 pandemic.

FAPSA President Eleazardo Kasilag said that schools are prepared to hold classes.

“We are ready to face the new normal and even make it a better normal. We have started and have complied with DepEd [Department of Education] protocols—no turning back,” Kasilag said.

The group said private schools invested a huge amount of money for the holding of non-traditional classes.

Kasilag said that there are ways to overcome the challenges faced by educators and students.

“If the internet is not strong, the remedy is asynchronous teaching. Let us not underestimate the adaptability, capacity, creativity and resiliency of the Filipino,” he stressed.

The FAPSA president noted that the reported 300,000 signatures which have already been sought by the academic freeze group will not represent the 24 million students who are ready for the flexible learning classes.

“This is the future. This is education, meant to be decided inside the classroom. Paano kung abutin ito ng 2022 or longer? And to demand that it should apply to everyone is unreasonable,” he said.

“Public school teachers continue to receive salaries. What if the government says give the budget to those who are fishing not freezing? Academic freeze is surrendering because they have the fish in the basket and they can celebrate. But for the FAPSA, the fish is out of the fridge. The FAPSA does not give fish; we teach how to fish,” Kasilag added.

He said that schools have received good feedback from parents and students on the new mode of learning.

“Children enjoy online schooling. Our parents give us good feedbacks. Pati raw sila natututo,” Kasilag said. “Ang hirap daw pala ng isang guro. Before kasi, they are not aware of what children are doing in the classroom,” the FAPSA head said.

“It is not easy really but very fulfilling for the teachers. Though some parents still suggest many things to consider, here we get to adjust anew and our response to the requests is, wait, if that could be provided, that will be provided for your kids,” he added.