/ 8 April 2021

“FAITH” was the number one topic discussed by Filipinos on Facebook, a big data analysis conducted by campaigns consultancy and management firm BluePrint.PH in March showed.

BluePrint.PH assessed Facebook posts, shares and comments for the whole month of March. It grouped the 1,500 discovered keywords into 10 categories.

Since February 2021, BluePrint.PH reported that “faith” topped all keywords used in the social media site. “Quiapochurch,” “holyweek” and “500yearsofChristianity” were also among the most used keywords in the Philippines.

The Quiapo Church — with 3.6 million followers and daily live online masses — emerged as the top influencer in the “faith” category, the firm said.

Other keywords that trended from March 1-31, 2021 are (in order) Hallyu (Korean wave), Covid-19, international news, brands, local news, social media, government, OPM and local entertainment.

The firm said Korean wave or “Hallyu” category ranked second because “Filipinos [are] still going wild with their love of anything Korean.” It added that posts on this category account for more than 21 million engagement score in March.

Korean star Rose of K-Pop group Blackpink and #ReleasedonYT were the top keywords among Filipinos’ “Hallyu” posts.

Rose released a solo debut album with a single entitled “On the Ground” which was posted on Youtube on March 13 and discussed extensively in Facebook posts and shares of Filipinos.

Meanwhile “Covid19” — represented by the keywords coronavirus, Covid19 and Covidph — ranked third in the list.

“The resurgence of the number of cases of Covid19 remains to be one of the hottest topics in social media. This is the only category without any other keyword associated with and is ranked number 1 in the daily trending 16 days out of 31 days,” BluePrint.PH said.

The firm also reported that “international news” and issues — ranking 4th — remain a top concern for Filipinos particularly what is going on in Myanmar.

BluePrint.PH also noted that influencers played a great role in establishing issues, influencing sentiments and in the choosing of commercial brand preferences.

Filipino model-influencer Sinon Loresca was the top influencer for the issue of Myanmar. His post with a message, “the hug of a mother to her lifeless child” has the top engagement score (37,044.4) under this topic.